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Reducing Fire Hazards

An important aspect of owning woodland property is taking steps to reduce the risk of damage from fire.  This is even more important if you have a residence on the property.  There are a number of fairly simple things you can do to help reduce the damage if a fire does occur on your property.  Some of the things you can do include:

-         thinning trees to reduce contact between tree crowns

-         removing thick underbrush to reduce fuels

-         pruning to reduce the chance that a fire can climb into the tree crowns

-         creating a zone of “defensible space” around buildings

We can help you to assess the susceptibility of your property and take steps to minimize your risk. If your property is located in eastern Washington, you may be eligible for cost-share funds to help pay for fuel reduction treatments. We recommend the following publications to learn what you can do:

Reducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property.  Pacific Northwest Extension Publication 618. 

50 Ways to Make Your Woodland Home Firewise.  Alabama Forestry Commission.