Understanding your property


Wildlife habitat

Aesthetic appeal

Trails & recreation


Property taxes

Forestry plans

Funding programs



Controlling brush



Fire safety

Unauthorized use

Maintaining privacy


Selling timber

Special products

Timber appraisal


Succession planning

Property monitoring


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Cascade Woodland Design, Inc.

We help you take care of your woods.


We are consulting foresters who specialize in amenity forestry, a style of managing forests that places a high value on things like visual appearance, recreation, forest health, privacy, and wildlife habitat.  For a little more background on what we mean by this, you can read our article about amenity forestry, published in Northwest Woodlands magazine. 


The woods you own today are a reflection both of the inherent characteristics of the land and the history of past land use.  These things, along with what you do as a landowner, will determine the future condition of your woods.  We can help you understand your woodland, and what you can do to enhance the things that you care about, from wildlife habitat to timber value to aesthetics.


As a woodland owner, you have many things to attend to, from taking steps to ensure that the forest remains healthy, to preparing for the eventual transfer of your property to your children and grandchildren.  We can help you deal with the many facets of woodland ownership, so you can focus on enjoying the forest.  To see how we can help you meet your goals, click on the items listed below.


 I want help with:


- understanding more about my property and how to care for it




- creating better wildlife habitat


- enhancing the aesthetic appeal of my property


- developing trails, campsites or other recreational amenities




- lowering my property taxes


- writing a forest management plan


- applying for forestry funding programs




- getting trees or understory shrubs planted


- controlling brush or invasive species


- thinning out my trees




- making my property more resistant to fire


- discouraging trespass, dumping and other unauthorized use of my property


- making my property more private




- selling some of my trees


- growing mushrooms, berries, greenery or other special forest products


- understanding the value of my timber




- planning to keep my property in the family for future generations


- monitoring my property periodically for changes or problems


- mapping my property