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Controlling brush



Fire safety

Unauthorized use

Maintaining privacy


Selling timber

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Timber appraisal


Succession planning

Property monitoring


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Discouraging Unauthorized Use of Your Property

An unfortunate reality of owning woodland is that you will probably have to deal with problems caused by other people.  Trash dumping is a common issue, and some landowners suffer vandalism and theft, or even fires started by trespassers.  While it is difficult to entirely prevent these problems, you can take steps to discourage trespass.  You have likely seen commonly used techniques such as gating roads, posting signs, or even fencing.  But you may also consider developing dense vegetation that is unpleasant to walk through in areas where trespassers are likely to enter your property.  The idea is to make your property seem uninviting to people just passing by, but to maintain the beauty inside the property for you and your guests.  We can help you evaluate the possibilities and find the right balance for your needs.