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Enhancing Wildlife Habitat

Maybe you want to attract more songbirds to your property.  Or maybe you want to have as many wildlife species visit as possible.  Whatever your interests, there are things you can do to make your property more welcoming to wildlife.  The key is to understand what animals need, and to work to create that habitat if it doesn’t already exist.  Some of the things you can to do include:


-         creating openings

-         planting understory shrubs, especially those that produce nuts or berries

-         creating snags, downed logs, and brush piles

-         thinning out trees to encourage understory growth

-         seeding roads & trails with a wildlife forage mix

-         creating or enhancing a water source

We can help you to evaluate the wildlife habitat on your property, and to understand what you can do to attract more wildlife.  In some cases, there may be funding available to help pay for these practices. 

If you want to read about managing wildlife habitat, we recommend:

Enhancing wildlife on private woodlands.  2002.  EC 1122.  Oregon State University Extension. 

Wildlife in managed forests: Oregon forests as habitat.  2011.  Oregon Forest Resources Institute.